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What exactly is Transsexuality?
In which is examined the history, definition, statistics, and biology of the condition.

A Primer On Transsexuality
Finally a grade school level explanation of what transsexuality is all about!

Transition: The Basics Of Changing Your Physical Sex

A basic overview of the actual process of changing your physical sex.

A testing environment you can use to help determine the degree of your own gender issues. Home of COGIATI, a test specifically designed for the uncertain, questioning, pre-transition Male-to-Female individual with the purpose of helping them to come to a more concrete self definition.

The reasons to cherish being transsexual
With a little thought on the matter, I think you will ultimately agree that it is actually a kind of Gift; yes it hurts too, and it is often difficult, but it is also a special birthright. Here is why.

Why did this have to happen to me?
The eternal complaint is discussed, and a possible theory of the biological value of transsexuality is presented.

What can I do about this? Is there hope for me?
Oh yes there is, and a wonderful future besides. Here is what you can do, and what it entails.

My Own Story
Wherein is described my own struggle and triumph, as well as my fight for identity. One can gain much from the study of the lives of others. Here is mine.

Transition Stories
Here are the transition stories of other people, that they have sent to me. Perhaps their experiences can help you in many ways.

A Primer On Transition: The Basics Of Changing Your Physical Sex
The basic step-by step overview about what must be done to change the sex of your body.

Why you don't want to be a woman or a man
A provocative explanation of the real reasons to go through transition, and about one of the greatest traps that can destroy your happiness.

The reason to Come Out
Why would anyone choose to be Out about any kind of Queerness? Here is explored the deepest point of coming out of the closet.

What can I expect long term?
I am over 16 years post operative. I present a basic understanding of the long term ramifications of being a transsexual. What are the regrets, the joys, the outcome? I'll tell you!.

What is it like to be transsexual?
What it feels like in general, how it affects daily life, what transition feels like, what it is like after transition, both physically and emotionally.

Beliefs That Can Kill
Beliefs can destroy you and end your quest to become yourself. Indeed, beliefs are one of the major causes of death for transsexuals. Here is what you need to know to protect yourself from yourself.

The issue of Passing
Passing for White, Passing for Female, Passing for Male, Passing for Human. A degrading concept in the abstract, but of inestimable value to the ever imperiled transsexual.

How To Create Self Worth
Often the difference between survival and destruction, self worth is something many transsexuals dream of having. Here is exactly how to actually make it for yourself